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Farm Shield provides farm owners and operators with peace of mind. Proven, practical advice from our team of experts will help you sleep better knowing your animals are as safe as possible.


The Farm Shield Process















The Farm Shield team of firefighters and electrical contractors will conduct a thorough inspection of the farm including all electrical equipment and wiring. The fire inspection will include all potential hazards.


Upon completion of the inspection, the Farm Shield team will review the inspection results with the owner/manager. Farm Shield will offer practical advice to improve any weaknesses in your fire safety plan or in your barn/electrical system. 


The vital last step in the Farm Shield process is an individually tailored, practical training program focusing on fire safety, fire prevention and biosecurity. Owners can rest assured their employees are equipped with the latest practical knowledge to keep your farm, and your animals safe.


Once inspection and training are complete the farm will be provided with our certification. This certification can be used to receive a discount on your farm insurance premium. Contact us for a list of participating insurance providers.

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